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The Phytotière

Micro algae local production devices for home made fresh spirulina
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Alg & You is the creator of the Spirulina maker, a fresh spirulina production device, accessible, secure and convenient. The Spirulina makers are production units from 10 liters for domestic culture, to a few hundred square meters for agricultural production type, urban or semi-industrial circular economy.

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Phytotières for home

For individuals, with a capacity of 10 liters, the Spirulina maker produces 20 grams of fresh spirulina per day, this represents 30% of the iron needs of an adult. Firstly, Alg & You addresses a market of early adopters with an upmarket model. It will develop in parallel, with the SEB group, a household appliance to be released by 2019 in mass market in France and Europe and then in Asia and North America.

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Phytotières for business

Alg & You will serve the business market such as restaurants, clinics and body centers. With a capacity of 100 to 1000 liters, the Spirulina maker will allow these businesses to produce fresh spirulina and Alg & You will provide them specific culinary recipe’s (sweet and savory preparations or drinks).

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Phytotières for producers

These are production systems for producers whose aim is to market and transform the fresh spirulina: gardeners, spirulina farmers, urban farmers, fish farmers, producers who aims at enhancing industrial effluents in circular economy. These units, from 20 up to 250m², are modular and adapt to the configuration and the desired output.

The Company

Winner of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030 of the French government in phase 1 and 2, and of the i-lab competition for innovative strart-up led by Bpifrance
Intelligent food of new France industrial

Alg & You is revolutionizing food consumption patterns by introducing fresh microalgae in our plates. The company invented the Phytotière to produce spirulina in our homes. This innovation relies on the potential of microalgae as a super-food, by bringing adapted and easy to use production devices closer to consumers. Alg & You sees its mission not only as developing a new product but also as a contribution to the fight against food access inequality. This device aims at providing a technological solution to address malnutrition taking into account the limited resources and the scarcity of arable lands.

  • by adapting our technology to distinct markets with strong growth potential

  • by internationalizing our product and scaling-up our production capacity

  • allowing access to a better diet to people suffering from malnutrition

  • for robust R&D and rapid deployment

The Team

Multidisciplinary and passionate

Georges Garcia

Chairman, co-founder
Telecoms engineer, Master’s in Cognitive Sciences (Polytechnique), Social entrepreneur since 2003

Jean-Christophe Babinet

Graduate of Polytechnique, Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry engineer and entrepreneur (SSII – digital services company – in 2003)

Alexandre Besson

CTO, co-founder
PhD. in Process and Environmental Engineering from INSA Toulouse. Thesis prize winner

Yun Zo

CMO, international Business
Marketing and Business Developer. Graduate of the Toulouse Business Schooll, MS Management of innovation and has worked at Valtech for innovation through user experience

Cyril Durand

CSO, co-founder
Engineer (ESTIA) and graduate of the Toulouse Business School. Cyril is the co-founder of the strategic consultancy firm Océan Bleu.

Rémy Fransen

Engineer – R&D
Partner. PhD. in Engineering in energy and transfer. Hydrodynamic and thermal modelling.

Kévin Hové

Engineer mechatronics
ENSIP (Poitiers) Engineer, specialist in mechatronics. Maker Involved in Fablab Toulouse.

Coralie Breton

Biologist & Biotechnologist
Coralie has worked at INRA.


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